Smart Ways to Organize Shared Office Spaces

It is a proven fact that a neat and tidy workstation is essential to boost efficiency, improve concentration, and nurture positivity.

Clean workspaces also help in creating a great first impression and having a more productive day.

However, when it comes to co-working spaces, one might find it challenging to keep their desks organized. Shared offices are usually short of space and often turn chaotic quickly.

If you are in a co-working space and want to stay organized, we’ve got your back. Today, we have listed some creative ways to maximize the work area while optimizing productivity.

  1. Declutter the Workstation

The ambiance of your workspace has a significant impact on productivity.

Imagine you are in the middle of a client call, and the fact sheet you have to discuss goes missing in the pile of mess. An untidy and unorganized workspace does not only take up physical space, but they take a toll on the mind as well. The easy way to move from the scattered desk and tangled cords are decluttering.

Organizing the papers, stationeries, and other work essentials are the easiest way to make the workspace look spacious and bring order to the madness of cluttered office space. There are plenty of ways to turn a small shared office space more organized and productive. For instance, you can invest in desk organizers, which comes with partitions and holders for all sorts of office items. Doing so will save you time looking for things that would ultimately boost your efficiency.

  1. Do Away with the Piles of Files

How we frown dealing with the never-ending pile of files and papers!

Although we have entered the era of digitization, the paperless workplace still seems like a far-fetched dream. If you are one of those businesses that have to deal with memos, files, documents, and letters, you might have experienced the struggle to keep the pieces of paper accessible.

If not appropriately stacked, papers of any form can make your desk look messy and sloppy. Using a storage tray with sections to hold files, envelops, memos, and documents can be the best way to prevent papers from piling up. If your workspace is small, consider using a wall-mounted shelf to stack your documents.

  1. Make Use of Dead Space

Office equipment like desktops, internet modems, printers, and other paraphernalia tend to occupy a lot of space and make a workplace look cluttered.

One smart way to make room for more things is to create space by adding high-elevated tables and desks. The area underneath the counter can be put to use to keep office supplies, telephone, and other essentials. This will save your space while removing unnecessary stuff from your surroundings.

  1. Create Private Space

There are times that call for maintaining confidentiality and focusing on the work with the utmost attention.

One might think that co-working spaces lack the atmosphere needed to concentrate on work efficiently. However, by installing cubicles and panels, you can create individual work stations for your employees and make the workspace feel more exclusive. To make the cubicles more functional, you can have the panels coated with the fabric sheet, which will turn it into a pinboard.

However, to cut down the hassle of installing partitions, you can consider renting a private working space from Synergy Suites FL. We offer a wide range of co-working spaces that comes with unmatched amenities like parking area, private conference room, office equipment, café area, free water and coffee, and much more.

  1. Make Wall-facing Sitting Arrangement

With a lot of noise at the backdrop, losing concentration from work is not difficult. What is hard is to get back to the task.

However, by literally turning your back to the chaos, you can fix the problem. When arranging your desk, push the table to the wall so as your sitting arrangement becomes wall-facing. Some might tag you as an antisocial at first, but they will soon follow your suit once they see you working with efficiency and dedication.

  1. Put Office Furniture in Order

Like office equipment, furniture and desk tend to take up a lot of room space.

Although we cannot do away with them, we can arrange them as per their usability and functionality.

To optimize the productivity of a shared co-working space, furniture must be in order. You can achieve this by ditching separate desks and adding a large center table. Large tables have ample space to accommodate multiple systems and other essentials without breaking the aesthetics of the office. Keep things that co-workers would frequently need like printer, telephone, and rubbish can, etc. near the working area. This will help you save the time spent walking across the office.

Also, to maximize accessibility, keep the pathways leading to necessary devices clear.

  1. Add a Personal Touch to the Office Space

Adding a personal touch to the workstation is one great way to keep oneself motivated and inspired.

To boost your productivity, find ways to revamp your desk with items that hold importance to you. You can decorate the office with photos, books, holders, flower pots, or artworks that will keep you energized. However, make sure the things you bring doesn’t distract you or your co-workers.

  1. Make use of Whiteboards

We all know that To-Do lists work wonders to improve work efficiency.

Most of the co-workers prefer keeping personal work journals, but having a typical whiteboard To-Do list is great when wanting to achieve business goals.

Moreover, whiteboards can be put to use in multiple ways. You can use it during meetings to jot down key points, add motivational quotes to boost everyone’s morale, or drawn on it for entertainment.

We hope these ideas will surely add to the aesthetic of any shared office space and optimize the efficiency of the co-workers. You and your co-workers will have fun incorporating these ideas.

But for those of you who don’t have the time and resources to carry out such office space tweaks, there is a straightforward solution – opt for Synergy Suites Florida!

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