Computer Hurricane Checklist for Small Businesses

Do you have a business in an area like Southwest Florida where hurricanes are common? Do you have concerns about the impact of a hurricane on your office computer?

If you answered yes to both questions, it’s critical to have a computer hurricane checklist for your business IT. This way, if bad weather begins to move toward your home or business, you can take immediate action.

Here are three general business IT procedures to keep in mind:

1. Always Keep a Backup

It’s easy to assume nothing will ever go wrong with your computer. For this reason, you may wait for bad weather to move in on you before you backup your files.

Rather than take this risk, always keep a backup of your entire computer. This will ensure that you can recover important files at any time, regardless of the reason for the need.

2. Secure Your Computer

You’ll have a lot on your mind in the days leading up to a potential hurricane, but that doesn’t mean you can forget about your computer and hope for the best.

There are many ways to quickly secure your computer, including the following:

  • Shutdown the operating system
  • Unplug the computer or surge protector from the wall
  • Unplug any other cables, such as an Ethernet cord
  • Move your computer to higher ground, if possible

Tip: don’t forget to secure other equipment, such as your printer, scanner, and anything else you use alongside your computer.

3. Wait Until the Right Time to Restart Your Computer

You may be tempted to head for your computer during the storm, such as to do some work as a way of passing time.
Fight the urge to do so, as you’ve prepared your computer for the storm and you don’t want to do anything to compromise its safety.


Once you’re sure the hurricane is out of your area, you can restart your computer and other equipment to ensure it’s still working. It’s never easy to prepare your home or business for a hurricane, but you can’t ignore this process and hope for the best. With this computer hurricane checklist, you now have the knowledge you need to prepare your equipment for a severe storm.

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